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Information Assurance (IA)

Information Assurance (IA) is not a single problem with a single technology solution, but rather IA is another element of a larger ongoing risk management process and a dynamic security environment. Clients’ needs to deliver IA solutions to monitor, prioritize, and manage risks and create an acceptable level of security to conduct their operations. CTE will partner with our clients government or otherwise to develop effective IA policies and plans and create awareness.

CTE will partner with clients to define their security objectives for information and information systems from Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA). CTE as a trusted partner with clients will take a security-in-depth approach with an enterprise-level view, assess risks and mitigate vulnerabilities, not only in the infrastructure and application layers, but also within business processes and employment practices. CTE and clients partnership will assess, tailor, and implement all the necessary security control families (Technical, Operational, and Management) to manage risk in accordance will all applicable standards and regulations.

Certified Technical Experts, Inc. (CTE) defines the term “Solution” as a formula of balanced dimensions; “Technology”, “ Engineering”, and “Management” revolving over a “Life Cycle”.

CTE Solution Delivery Methodology (SDM©) looks at all three dimensions that make up the desired solution; Technology, Engineering, and Management to structure the delivery of any solution in a prescribed Solution Delivery Life-cycle (SDL©). The revolving six Phases of the SDL© are, Concept, Research, Mature, Strategy, Evolve, and Retire.

As new threats emerge and new solutions arise, CTE Solutions Delivery Engineers (SDE) helps clients navigate the complex IA world. CTE SDEs will work with clients to identify all three dimensions of the desired IA solution; in the Technology dimension they will identify all Technical security control families required to secure the information systems from Access Control, Identification, Authentication, etc.; in the Engineering dimension they will develop all security test procedures needed to make sure the information systems are secure, develop or integrate all necessary security control into the clients’ information systems, like authentication systems, media protections, etc.; in the Management dimension they will identify all necessary processes, procedures, documentations, steps to certify their information systems, and continuous monitoring and risk management.

CTE SDEs are security certified professionals with Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP), Network+, etc. CTE SDEs are all familiar with many security architectures, and vendors’ security platforms.

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